What Can You Look Forward To At CarFest?

Car Giveaways, How-To Workshops, Shopping & Entertainment, Watch the Pros

10 Car Giveaway

We give away a vehicle every two hours during CarFest. That’s right. Every two hours, you have the chance to win a new ride. Excited? You should be.

How-To Workshops

Everyone needs to know how to change a tire, check their oil, and make sure their car is running smoothly. That’s why we’ve got expert technicians giving workshops all throughout the event: to empower you to take your vehicle’s health into your own hands.

Shopping & Entertainment

Live music, good food, and great fun. What else could you need?

Watch The Pros

If you’ve never seen a floor full of mechanics fix 25 vehicles in 48 hours, then you’ve never seen CarFest. Get a firsthand look at what CarFest is all about and watch professionals help those in need by repairing their vehicles.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Join us at the Freeman Expo Hall for two days of unity in the community, cars, and fun.

CarFest couldn’t happen without you. As a nonprofit, we need your help for every aspect of our event. We need tools. We need people. We need your contribution to help us give $100,000 to local trade schools and students. Donate today to help make CarFest a reality.


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