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 Our Mission

We are a Community of Automotive Professionals dedicated to building a culture of continual skill building, quality, and pride in the auto industry.

Core Values:

Integrity, Community, Education, Excellence

 San Antonio's
Largest Automotive Charity Festival 

Created by The Community of Automotive Professionals (CAP); a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to uniting the automotive industry as long term partners in giving back to the Texas community every year in April.

Auto repair shop owners, car club members, auto part distributors, automotive schools, and local businesses come together to bring you a 3-day family friendly festival event.

Activities that every one can enjoy are car displays, watch 25 on-site car repairs done for charity, 10 donated vehicles given away to 10 lucky winners every 2 hours. (Teen drivers included, read more about our new driver workshop giveaway!)

CarFest SA is the largest automotive charity festival in San Antonio, TX

Learn more about CAP and become a member, click here.


 A Recap of CarFest 2022 

Repaired 25 vehicles for individuals selected by a local charity. Our local auto repair shop partners put in their time & effort to repair vehicles for those in need.

(The general public is not able to enter or sign up to have their cars fixed, unless represented.)

Empower Auto Programs in South Texas technical schools with a financial contribution. Funds given support Automotive programs with equipment, scholarship money to students and learning materials. (Consider donating to our cause)

Educate The New Driver on distracted driving, play a game of New Driver Jeopardy, and get hands-on maintenance skills from professional auto technician.

10 Free Car Giveaways To The General Public donated vehicles are repaired and given away to 10 lucky winners!


Car Museum showcases how far vehicles have progresses from the beginning of invention. Featuring a display of cars ranging from 189s - 2000s

There's something for everyone to enjoy!

 In seven years, our community... 

Repaired vehicles for 168 individuals/families

Worked with 98 nonprofits and area car repair shops

Raised $497,000 in scholarships for Texas automotive technical programs

Worked with 2,100 volunteers to host CarFest and unite the automotive community. 

Our purpose is to support local & national automotive industry. From automotive brands, automotive repair shops, automotive programs in vocational technical schools & car clubs who keep the past, present, and future of vehicles alive and well.

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