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Last Revised: 11/21/23

Important: To avoid any problems or misunderstandings, please read this document carefully before signing.



The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances, regulations, and codes of duly authorized local, state, and federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety, health, together with the rules and regulations of the operators and/or owners of the property wherein the events are held.

Contracting exhibit space

Contracts will not be accepted or confirmed until show management receives the required payment. Contracts and payments received 14 days or less prior to the event, shall be made by cash, credit card, money orders, or certified checks only. No personal or company checks will be accepted.


Demonstrations & Merchandise

No demonstrations or solicitations shall be permitted outside of the Exhibitor’s assigned space. Distribution by the Exhibitors of any printed matter, samples, or other articles shall be restricted to within the confines of the Exhibitor’s booth. Exhibitors shall not have or operate any display that is the source of objectionable noises, odors, decorations, or other aspects which are considered by show management to be obscene, objectionable, or interfering with surrounding displays, including signs, lights, noise, and costuming of exhibit personnel. Only those products listed in the contract will be eligible for sale or samples.

Event Hours

Exhibitors will be allowed into the building one hour prior to opening each day. Booths must be occupied at all times during event hours.

Exhibit Requirements

All booth arrangements must comply with the dimensions and height requirements specified by the show management. The maximum height of a booth should not exceed 10 feet from the floor unless prior written permission is obtained from the show management. The size of the booth should not exceed the contracted space. Exhibits should be arranged so that they do not obstruct the general view or access to surrounding displays, aisles, or public space within the exhibit facilities. If you need end-of-aisle space, please contract it in advance, as an additional charge applies. Please note that having a trailer as part of your display may limit your location on the floor plan. Also, buildings do not allow any vehicles inside that have propane tanks attached. Additionally, any motorized vehicle must comply with battery and gas level regulations.


The Community of Automotive Professionals, its employees, show chairman, or national and local corporate sponsors, their predecessors, principals, parents, heirs, successors, assigns, subsidiaries, affiliates, commonly controlled entities, companies, enterprises, ventures, partners, insurers, investors, attorneys, officers, shareholders, directors, agents, representatives employees, clients, administrators, executors, personal representatives, heirs or successors in interest and assigns, and each of them, shall not be held liable for, and the same are hereby released from liability for any damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person(s) or property of the Exhibitor or any of its predecessors, principals, parents, heirs, successors, assigns, subsidiaries, affiliates, commonly controlled entities, companies, enterprises, ventures, partners, insurers, investors, attorneys, officers, shareholders, directors, agents, representatives employees, clients, administrators, executors, personal representatives, heirs or successors in interest and assigns, and each of them, resulting from theft, fire, water, accident, or any other cause.

This information covers the basic rules as they apply to all Community of Automotive Professionals and CarFest shows. Exhibitor agrees that conditions, rules, and regulations are made a part of this contract and that said Exhibitor agrees to be bound by each and all of these conditions, and that show management shall have the full power to interpret, amend, and enforce all rules and regulations in the best interest of the event.

Liability Insurance 

All vendors are required to carry liability insurance for the CarFest weekend amounting to $500,000 each person/ $500,000 each occurrence of bodily injury and $500,000 each occurrence for property damage. This requirement includes providing a certificate of insurance naming The Community of Automotive Professionals and CarFest as additional insureds under the policy and disclosing the correct coverages, dates, insurance carrier, and policy number.


Spotlights and floodlights must be located in such a way as not to interfere with or annoy other exhibitors or spectators. Exhibitors are prohibited from accessing building column panels or outlets or floor outlets without permission.

Live Animals

No animals of any kind are permitted without written approval from the show manager at least two weeks prior to move-in date. Service animals for persons with disabilities are permitted. In accordance with the ADA, service animals must be properly documented and handled.


All display booths must be at the show building during the scheduled move in times. Space will not be held after close of scheduled move-in day unless prior arrangements are made with show management or vendor will forfeit space and deposit.


The official closing time on the final day of the event is 6:00 PM; however, vendors must wait until security or a CarFest representative deems it safe to breakdown. Vendors cannot breakdown while the public is still in the building. 

Move-out will begin after 6:30 pm on Sunday. No one will be allowed to tear down or leave the building until that time unless permission and appointed time is obtained by the producer. If these terms are violated, you will not be asked to return for future CarFest events.  

Payments and cancellation 

All cancellations of contracted space must be received in writing. All payments received are non-refundable, regardless of cancellation.

Product Guidelines

The Community of Automotive Professionals, DBA CarFest SA, retains the right to decline the display of certain products. Unacceptable items and displays may consist of, but are not limited to, the following: items containing offensive language, laser lights for sale or display, tobacco products, tattoos, body piercings, live animals, reptiles, and fish, food items that compete with our concessionaire, amusement or mechanical rides, selfie-sticks, drones, displays with political messages and raffles, and weapons (including but not limited to guns and ammunition, knives, swords, spears, arrows, etc. whether real, toy, or replica). CarFest SA has the authority to declare products unacceptable at any time during the application process or while on the CarFest grounds. If any unacceptable items are found, they must be removed from the booth space immediately, and the vendor may be expelled from the property for non-compliance with vendor rules or a request to remove an unacceptable item.

Property Damage

Nothing shall be tacked, nailed, screwed, glued, taped, or otherwise attached to drapes, columns, walls, floors, or other parts of the building or furniture. If violated, Exhibitor assumes all responsibility including payment for the repair and/or replacement of the damaged property.


Show management provides 24 hour guard service for surveillance of the premises; however, the Exhibitor is responsible for his own products. It is highly recommended that you remove any products not securely fastened to your display when exhibit is not occupied.

Selling Restrictions

No sale of merchandise with the CarFest logo is permitted without express written consent of show management. Exhibitors must honor all building concession rights. The building management and show management has the final say as to concessions, and Exhibitors must comply with their reasonable requests.


Exhibitors operating motion picture or recorded video tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, record players, radios, loudspeakers, PA systems, or any noise generating equipment and devices shall do so only at a level which will not interfere with other exhibitors or add unduly to the general background noise as determined by show management.


Space Requirements

Your rental includes your allotted space, and 8’ backdrop drapery. You will be responsible for electric, lights, stanchions, or any other equipment you might require for your booth contract.All merchandise, displays, fixtures, signs, chairs, and property of the vendor must fit into the designated booth space and may not extend into the aisle in any way. 

Subcontracting space

Absolutely no subcontracting of booth space is permitted.


Certain trademarks and copyrights are the property of CarFest or their divisions and/or partners and cannot be reproduced in any manner or any merchandise, souvenir items, or apparel by anyone other than the licensed parties. If unsure about usage, please consult show management for written approval. Additionally, the use of the terms “official, annual, official souvenir, or commemorative” with items sold at the event is strictly forbidden and is strictly reserved for the official souvenir sales committee. 

Vehicle Exhibits

If you wish a car(s) in your exhibit to be in competition, a separate application must be submitted to the show chairman for approval. Any vehicle must comply with local gas level regulations and have the battery disconnected.


Booth Design Guidelines for Exhibitors


Vendor is permitted to advertise only in their assigned space. Advertising by means of posters, handbills, flyers, etc. on buildings, trees, restrooms, posts, parked vehicles or other areas is not permitted. 



If an item does not relate to vendor’s specific theme or product, does not enhance the appearance of the vendor space, or is not for sale, it does not belong in view of the public (ex: boxes, containers, fans, food, soda cans, TVs, etc.). 


Aisle Clearance and Accessibility

Merchandise, displays, fixtures, signs or any other property of the vendor may not extend into the aisle. All elements of the booth must be totally contained within the marked space. Vendors who have a space that is accessible from two aisles must leave at least 50% clearance on all sides to allow patron access. See image.

Booth Size

Each booth is a specific size (refer to contract for exact size). Booths must be set up inside the allocated space. Walls cannot protrude into aisles, etc. Chairs must be situated within the booth space. Please plan the display before arriving for set-up to avoid complications. 


Building Temperatures

The show will make every effort to ensure the building temperatures are set at a comfortable level. Vendors located near entry and exit doors should be prepared for outside conditions, i.e. wind, cold, and heat. 



If chairs are needed for booth, chairs must be set up within the booth space. Lawn chairs are not permitted. See Rentals. 


Vendors are responsible for keeping their booth clean and free of trash at all times.



Equipment and Merchandise Vendors shall provide adequate props to merchandise booth in an attractive manner. Displays and fixtures must be structurally sound and secure. Reminder: vendors can only merchandise items that were registered and approved. Any items not juried in advance will be removed from the booth.



Microphones will not be permitted. “Hawking” or calling customers over to booth is prohibited. Exceptions must be submitted in writing prior to the Show and approved by the show management. Any approved microphone use will be subject to sound monitoring. 

Prohibited Merchandise

CarFest SA is a family event. Merchandise with inappropriate slogans, graphics or suggestive sexual connotation will not be allowed.



Storage boxes and extra inventory must be hidden. Boxes may not be stacked in the back of booth or visible from underneath the tables. It is permissible to use boxes as part of a merchandise display (i.e. boots, hats). The merchandise display cannot exceed the height limit of the booth. The event does not provide areas for extra storage. 


Video Monitors & Televisions

Video monitors and televisions that enhance and aid in the presentation of products will be allowed with The show manager’s approval. Viewing ball games, soap operas, movies, etc. will not be permitted. Show management will monitor sound volume. Show Management reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with other booths and must be adjusted or disconnected. 


Booth Operation Guidelines for Exhibitors


Body Piercing 

Body piercing services are not allowed due to health department regulations. 

Booth Staffing 

Booth owner shall ensure that all employees staffing the booth are familiar with the products and services being sold as well as the rules and guidelines in this Handbook. Vendors are responsible for any claims, liabilities and actions relating to the conduct of their personnel. 



Please come daily with sufficient change. CarFest will not have the capability to provide change, and there is no facility on the grounds that can assist with providing change. 



CarFest SA promotes equal opportunities and participation with no distinctions based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, national origin or other considerations. Notwithstanding other provisions included in this Handbook, violation of this policy could result in immediate termination of the vendor’s lease agreement, requiring the vendor to vacate the leased space and forfeit all monies paid to date.



Special dress or attire is not required; however, all vendors should be dressed appropriately and professionally. 


Food Vendors

Vendors who intend to sell or distribute food or drink are required to inform show runners at the time of contract signing, including a specific description of the food or drink intended to be served. Vendors who fail to alert showrunners of their intention to distribute or sell food or drink as noted above at the time of contract signing will not be able to sell or distribute food or drink during the Event. Vendors must also be in compliance with Metro Health requirements regarding any and all hand washing stations, overhead coverings, etc. A complete list of these items can be found at


Product Exclusivity

Vendors will not be granted exclusive rights to exhibit, promote, demonstrate, and/or sell products or services. Depending upon the terms of CarFest SA Sponsorship agreements, exclusivity or competitive protection may be given to Corporate Partners of the CarFest SA.


Returned Checks 

If a check to CarFest is returned for ANY reason, check-writing privileges will be lost and a $35 administrative fee will be assessed. 


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor venues. This includes the use of e-cigarette and vaping devices.

Tip Jars/Donations

Solicitation of tips and donations are not allowed at any vendor’s booth. Any booth with a tip jar will be in violation of their event contract and subject to a violation notice placed in their file, which may affect future consideration of event participation. 

Violation Notices 

This handbook is part of the License Agreement. Non-compliance with any part of this book is considered a breach of the Agreement. A breach of the Agreement may be cause for Agreement termination and dismissal. Vendor will first receive a verbal warning with a reasonable amount of time to correct the situation. If the violation is not corrected, a written notice of correction will follow. If the matter is not resolved, the Show Manager will determine what action will be taken to remedy the situation. 


Regardless of weather, all booths are to remain open during the posted hours of the Show. Vendors located outdoors should make provisions to protect their set-up and stock from sun, wind, inclement weather, flooding, etc.

Drawings, Lead Taking, Prizes


All Drawings to occur during the CarFest 2024 must be approved and scheduled prior to 6:00 pm on April 7, 2024. A CarFest representative must be in attendance at the time of the drawing. Vendor agrees to provide CarFestSA the name, mailing address, email address, and phone number of winner, description and dollar amount of prize, and method of awarding prizes of the winner. 


Lead Taking & Prizes 

Lead taking, prizes, or give-away drawings for prizes by vendor which require the patron to submit name, mailing address, email address, and phone number to be eligible are prohibited unless authorized by the show manager. The vendor will assume responsibility for the delivery of prizes. 



Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for persons with disabilities. Such animals are welcome in areas where the public is normally allowed to go. Under the ADA, service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the service animal through voice, hand signal, or other effective controls. All service animal pet waste must be disposed of properly. 

All other animals, including comfort animals, emotional support animals, and therapy animals are prohibited.

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