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food truck grand prix

April 5 - 7, 2024
9th Annual CarFest

Freeman Coliseum -
Expo Hall
3201 E Houston St
San Antonio, TX 78219

CarFest Sa Food Truck Vendor
CarFest Sa Drinks of attendees

Join us in our annual Food Truck Competition for this year's theme, Around the World. From tasty tacos to sweet desserts, we are excited to welcome foods from a variety of trucks to delight CarFest attendee's taste buds! 





CarFest runs from 6pm Friday April 5 to 6pm Sunday April 7.
Food Trucks must remain on expo grounds the entire time. 
Audience decides the winner by voting with QR codes. 
Rental/Entry fee is $250 + 10% food proceeds donated to CarFest

Questions? Reach out to or contact 210-390-6434


Sa Food Trucks

Congratulations to our top three 2023 Food Truck Competition winners! 


Q: Does the Grand Prix: Food Truck competition have an entry fee?

A: Yes, there is an entry fee.

Q: Will food truck vendors be provided with electricity?

A: Yes, all participants of the Grand Prix: Food Truck Race will be granted electricity for all three days. 

Q: Will I get to keep my proceeds?

A: Grand Prix: Food Truck Race participants will get to keep 90% of their proceeds and are required to give 10% of their gross to CarFest. 

Q: I don't want to participate in the competition. Can I still be a food truck vendor at CarFest? 

A: Yes, food trucks at CarFest do not have to compete in the Grand Prix: Food Truck Race. However, they are still required to pay the $75 non-refundable security deposit fee and 10% of their proceeds to CarFest. To become a regular food truck vendor, please apply under our Exhibitor Tab>Food Truck Vendor tab.

Q: If I submit an application, does that mean I am automatically part of the competition?

A: No. CarFest would like an array of diversity. Therefore, applications will be vetted to insure a maximum number food trucks in the same food category. Please wait after you submit your online application to hear back from a CarFest team member on your status.


Q: How can dessert food trucks and savory food trucks compete fairly?

A: The competition will be bracketed March Madness style. On Saturday of the event: participating food trucks will dish out their menu items to CarFest attendees throughout the day. The winner of each food category bracket (i.e. Mexican, Filipino, American) from Saturday will then compete on Sunday for the Grand Prix: Food Truck Race title.

Q: Who will vote on the food truck Grand Prix: Food Truck Race? 

A: CarFest attendees will vote for their favorite food truck using a QR code placed at each participating food truck. Systems have been put into place to prevent the count of multiple entries against cheating. 

Q: Can I invite my friends and family to support me?

A: Yes, CarFest is a free event for all ages, and every attendee will get the opportunity to vote on who should be our Grand Prix: Food Truck Race winner by the end of the event day Sunday.


Q: I don't have a food truck. Can I still compete using a booth? 

A: No, at this time, the competition is for food trucks only. 

Q: Will this competition become an annual event at CarFest?  

A: Yes, our Grand Prix: Food Truck Race will be an annual event. 

Q: What kind of voltage is provided?

A: 240 volt 30 amps or 240 volt 50 amps

Q: Will I have to leave my food truck overnight?

A: Yes, you will have to leave your food truck overnight on Friday, and Saturday of the event.

Q: When is the set up and break down time?

A: Set up can be as early as 2 PM Friday. There will be volunteers helping set up for CarFest so you can sell to them. You should be ready to sell by 5:30 PM Friday. Break down time will be 6:30 PM Sunday when the event closes. NO EARLY MOVE OUTS.

 How to Apply: 

 1)  submit your online application on this page (see below)

 2)  Wait 1-2 business days for a CarFest team member to approve your application. You will be notified of our decision via email.

 3)  Once you are approved, you will be asked to make your entry fee payment.

 4)  We will send you our official digital flyer graphic to share with your online audience. Invite all your friends and family to CarFest to support you. 

 5)  Get ready for the ultimate food truck showdown!!

 *Please do not make your entry fee payment until after a CarFest team member has approved your application. They will email or call you to notify your status. 

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