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Anna R. (Family Service Representative)

The car repair recipient expressed how happy she was with the service she received. She said she was in tears when she saw all the work that had been done. She has a 1994 vehicle and her car was in need of much work. She said the repair shop went beyond what she expected in repairs, and said even after this weekend's event they will be doing additional work. Some parts had to be ordered and once they arrive, they will coordinate with her to bring the vehicle back in so they can complete those additional repairs. 

Alexsandra D. (Repair Recipient)

First and foremost I would like to say thank you to KLRN and staff. I have been so worried about being without transportation every since my service engine light came on. Being able to have my car fixed will mean a lot to me and my children. I got an inspection and was devastated with the quote I got. I knew financially there was no way I could fix all that is wrong. Now we will have reliable transportation to go to school and work. I also want to mention I appreciate Mrs. Resendiz for emailing me resources, what a blessing these emails have been to me and my family. I was able to secure a full time job working from home about 3 months ago. Things keep getting better and better for me and my children. Thank you KLRN for all your help & support for our community. 

Arturo B. (Repair Recipient)

I don't know where to begin honestly, words can't explain how much CarFest has helped me tremendously. I was facing countless car related issues for the longest time and was unable to use my car to get to college and work. I was sponsored to go through CarFest by my organization and I feel so blessed to be nominated because my vehicle now works very well and I don't need to spend money on rides. It can be so hard to get a car especially in today's market and I am so glad CarFest was able to assist me. I feel like CarFest has absolutely left a positive impact in my life because it makes my life a lot easier. I want to give a huge thank you to Mark and Pam at Seymour's Garage for the repairs as well as Jim and Cindy at Dixon Automotive. These shops are very great at what they do and were able to help me in such a positive and uplifting manner. I also want to thank Bert who is one of the organizer's because he helped me through the whole process. CarFest is awesome at bringing unity in the community and assisting families get to better places with their vehicles. I know they made a huge difference in my life and so many others in the community. 

Jennifer Z. (Repair Recipient)

Thank you to CarFest and KLRN for this wonderful opportunity. Words cannot truly express how grateful and blessed we feel to be selected for CarFest 2022, it means absolutely everything to my family. The pandemic hit in 2020, and unexpectedly our family grew. Since then it has been a financial struggle for us to stay afloat. We share one vehicle in our family and without this work being done my fiancé would not be able to have a reliable car to drive to work or have the ability to take our daughter to her wellness visits. This opportunity lifts the financial burden off from our shoulders. We are overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone involved in this event: their time, dedication, and hard work do not go unnoticed. We are extremely grateful for everything our community has done to help us.

Jazz R. (Repair Recipient)

We will be getting our suspension fixed, something that can be very expensive, so we had planned to set aside our whole tax return for the cost. Because of this blessing to our family we will instead be able to set aside that money in our savings towards our goal of a down payment for home ownership.

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