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Cars for Charity

Our Cars for Charity Program is designed to help those in need with car repairs in the Texas community.

If you’ve never seen a floor full of mechanics fix 25 vehicles in 48 hours,
then you’ve never seen CarFest.


25 Local auto repair shops come ready with their skilled technicians to volunteer their labor and time on Saturday and Sunday of CarFest weekend. They repair 25 vehicles for the individuals or families in need selected through various non-profit organizations.

Please Note:

The car repair recipient is selected from applications submitted through nonprofits. Each recipient must be represented by a nonprofit in order to be considered. There is not a general public application to submit a vehicle for repairs without a non-profit organization nominating them.

Get a firsthand look at what CarFest is all about!

Come meet local automotive repair professionals who help those in need by repairing their vehicles and getting them back on the road.

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