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Our Cars for Charity Program is designed to help those in need with car repairs in the Texas community. This program only runs from JANUARY - APRIL on an annual basis.



Apply as a recipient in need of car repairs with a local non profit who will nominate you.




25 repair recipients will be selected and contacted by their nominated non-profit organization.




All selected repair recipients will have their vehicle evaluated and repaired by a trusted repair shop partner.



Please Note:

To submit a vehicle for repairs, a non-profit organization must nominate the owner as there is no direct public application process for vehicle repairs.

“Our participant, a 51-year-old widow, has been enrolled with us since January 2020. She was one of this year's CarFest recipients and expressed how delighted she was with the service she received. The repair shop went above and beyond what she expected in repairs, and even after this weekend's event, they will be doing some additional work. She has been actively participating in financial counseling and has reduced her debt and improved her credit.."

-Anna Rangel,  Accredited Financial Counselor at Family Service

 CarFest 2022

If you’ve never seen a floor full of mechanics fix 25 vehicles in 48 hours,
then you’ve never seen CarFest.


During CarFest weekend, 25 local auto repair shops bring their skilled technicians to volunteer their labor and time. They dedicate their Saturday and Sunday to repairing 25 vehicles for individuals or families in need, who are selected through various non-profit organizations.

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