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One-of-kind Job Fair

CareerFest, launched in 2022, invites graduating tech students to network, interview for jobs in the Automotive Industry and, learn from guests about succeeding professionally in the industry. Students will receive a priceless experience and build long-term relationships for industry success.


Student Benefits

You can get paid just to interview!

CareerFest candidates earn bonuses for each job offer & hire*


25 Interviews in 3 Days!

CareerFest candidates will interview with 25 employers in 3 days


Priceless Networking!

CareerFest candidates will meet employers with future connection opportunities


Comprehensive Employee Portfolio!

CareerFest candidates will submit a comprehensive employee portfolio that can be used for years to come to advance in career


Immediate Hire with Bonus options!

CareerFest candidates are likely to receive immediate hire offers and bonuses



Bonus Structure


Offered Bonuses

Candidates will receive $25 per offer - up to $625 in offer bonuses could be earned!

You do not have to accept the offer to be eligible for offer bonuses.


Top 5 Hired Bonus Structure

The top-5 Candidates that receive the most offers and accepts a job on-site are eligible as follows:

Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 2.57.43 PM.png

*See Terms and Conditions

**Gas card is based on industry standard at 12,000 miles/per year at current average $4/gallon

Student Submission Requirements

Print Application and Instructions
Applicants must submit the following documents + $100 application fee:

  • CareerFest Application, below

  • Resume

  • Six (6) References submitted as follows:

    • Three (3) Written Letters of Recommendation

    • Three (3) Phone References (include name, connection to reference, email, phone)

  • Copy of School Transcripts (official or unofficial accepted, may be subject to verification)

  • Personality Test Results

    • Each student must complete the complimentary 16 Personalities short test and submit those results with this packet.

    • The test is available online at

      • The test will take 12-15 minutes to complete

    • At the completion of the test, there is an option to "e-mail test results", you will enter your email and then submit that report to us

  • Candidate Headshot - upload your headshot/photograph to be used in your candidate packet


**If you are application is not approved to proceed to the event, you will receive a refund on your application fee**


Examples of required documents, click document to view: 


Email the above documents to:


Documents are DUE as follows: 

Part 1| CareerFest application, which is Pages 3 & 4 on the online student form, click link above

Sunday, March 27 at 5:00 pm 

Part 2 | All remaining documents submitted on or before: 

Thursday, March 31 at 5:00 pm

Questions regarding application process and submission requirements?


Phone: 719-337-1471


Step 1


Submit all required documentation as outline above by listed deadline

Step 2


$100 registration fee is due at time of submission

Make payment, payments must be received on or before March 31, 2022


Please ensure you are making the correct payment.

Participation is first-come, first-considered for approval.


Full Payments can be made electronically by clicking on the “Pay Now” button

or in your PayPal account to






Checks/money orders must be made out to: 

Community of Automotive Professionals (CAP) and mailed to


Attn: Mark Colaw OR Daniela Gutierrez

8411 Speedway Drive

San Antonio, TX 78230


Once your submission is reviewed, you will received a confirmation.

All payments made to CarFest SA/CareerFest are non-refundable.

Questions? Email

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